1Ticket Lite is a free tier of 1Ticket service. It includes the following services for free:

  • Purchase Downloading / AutoPO

  • Automatic Transfer

  • Instant Transfer

  • Broadcasting

  • StubHub, Vivid, SeatGeek, Ticket Evolution, and Ticketmaster+. 

  • TM+ is only available through the DTI OPU program and you will be paid your "Best Price".

  • "Best Price" is required when listing to Ticket Evolution.

  • Sale Processing (up to 100 sales per month)

What is "Best Price"? Click here to learn more

1Ticket Lite is targeted to small and growing brokers that want the power of 1Ticket to help them grow. Are you using the free native broadcasting/processing integration in your POS? If so, 1Ticket Lite may be for you. Get the full power of 1Ticket for free as you grow your business.

If you are already doing a large number of sales this service isn't for you.

To sign up for 1Ticket Lite please reach out to support@1ticket.com.