1Ticket's powerful Inventory Sync, in conjunction with Skybox, allows you to continue adding, pricing and managing your inventory in Skybox while increasing your distribution to all secondary marketplaces. Our support team will handle linking your 1Ticket account to your Point of Sale and enabling uploads in your 1Ticket account. 

1Ticket gives you the flexibility to manage your inventory distribution. You can take advantage of the ability to list through our marketplace accounts and leverage our fulfillment and inventory management team, competitive marketplace rates and a single weekly payout regardless of where your tickets sell. Or we can make the introduction to all of the marketplaces we are integrated with and you can work with each of them to establish a selling account. 

To enable your 1Ticket account for Inventory Sync with Skybox:

  1. You provide 1Ticket with credentials for Skybox, StubHub and Vivid
  2. 1Ticket will begin coordinate with Skybox tech support to seamlessly transition uploads to StubHub and Vivid into 1Ticket
  3. You let us know whether you would like to list through our marketplace accounts or we can make an email introduction to all integrated exchanges and marketplaces: https://1ticket.com/selling/
  4. As you create accounts with each exchange/marketplace, they will email your upload and API credentials to 1Ticket 
  5. Using the provided credentials 1Ticket will enable inventory uploads 
  6. 1Ticket will email both you and the marketplace when uploads are live

Questions? No problem, 1Ticket Support can help.

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