Mapping a purchase downloaded by 1Ticket to a ticket group that already exists in your POS will link the two, allowing 1Ticket to attach any PDFs and/or barcodes it has downloaded to the tickets in Skybox. To map a 1Ticket purchase to tickets in Skybox:

  1.  Navigate to the Purchases Tab of your 1Ticket account and search for the inventory you have already added to Skybox
  2. Select the highlighted "Green Circle" to load the ticket details 
  3. Select "Auto-map these tickets to an existing listing in your POS":
  4. You will receive a response of "Success" if the 1Ticket purchase information matches a listing in Skybox
  5. If the ticket information (Event, Venue, Time, Sec, Row, Seats) in 1Ticket does not match that of any tickets in Skybox you will receive the error "Unable to Auto-Map" and a search box will appear
  6. Delete the Section and/or Row info and select "Search POS":
  7. All matching tickets in your Skybox will populate, select "Map Event" on the corresponding tickets you wish to map to

1Ticket Purchases can be mapped to both listings (broadcast or unbroadcast) and invoices, it does not matter if tickets have been sold yet or not. Once the 1Ticket Purchase has been mapped to a listing in Skybox, 1Ticket will attempt to attach any Barcodes and/or PDFs it has to the listing in Skybox. The red Skybox button in 1Ticket will be replaced by the Skybox Purchase Order ID of the listing the purchase was mapped to. 

If a PDF is attached to an invoice in Skybox that was created by 1Ticket, 1Ticket will attempt to fulfill the corresponding marketplace sale using the attached PDFs automatically. 1Ticket regularly checks Skybox for new PDFs attached to invoices, so even if fulfillment is not attempted instantly you can know that 1Ticket will trigger fulfillment in a short time.

Note: Skybox does not allow QR PDFs to listings that are listed as transfer, if you update a transfer listing to Mobile QR delivery in Skybox, mapping a listing using the steps above will reattempt QR PDF attachment.