Note: It is highly recommended that you first forward all of your individual purchasing email accounts to a single "catch-all" gmail account i.e. ( and then use the following instructions to forward that gmail account to 1Ticket:

Please follow the instructions below to set up email forwarding -

  1. Sign in to the gmail account you would like to forward to 1Ticket

  2. Click on Settings from the drop-down list provided by the "gear" icon in the top right:

  3. Navigate to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and select Add a forwarding address:

  4. Open up a new tab in your internet browser and login to your 1ticket account and then navigate to

  5. Copy the email address listed under step 1(see above), paste it into the Add a forwarding address field in gmail, click Next

  6. click Proceed in the box that pops up

  7. Navigate back to your gmail inbox, in about 60 seconds you will receive an email containing an email forwarding confirmation link

  8. Open the - Gmail Forwarding Confirmation Code email and click the confirmation link:

  9. Select Confirm:

  10. Navigate back to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in settings using steps 2 and 3 above

  11. Enable Forward a copy of incoming mail to purchases?? and select Save Changes:

  12. Navigate back to and COPY the filter listed under 2):

  13. Navigate back to your gmail inbox and select the drop-down triangle in the search box:

  14. Paste the filter into the Subject field and select Create filter with this search>>:

  15. Check off the Forward it to: option, select the purchases?? email address from the drop-down menu and select Create filter: