Occasionally 1Ticket will be unable to make a confident match between the tickets sold in your POS and the seats in your primary marketplace accounts.

Our interface makes it easy to select the proper seats to transfer and "train" 1Ticket so that it can transfer future sales for the same event without issue.

You can view a short video that walks through the steps below by clicking here.

1) Visit our sales page at ims.1ticket.com/sales. Locate the sale you need to transfer tickets for and click the          "Transfer" button:

2) In the transfer modal that pops up, use the search fields to locate the tickets you want to transfer:

2) Select the seats you want to use to fill the sale. Check the box for "Remember this event mapping". That will     teach 1Ticket that it is OK to map the event in your POS to the event in the primary, even if the details are            different.

4) You can use the "Remember this section mapping" and "Remember this row mapping" options to teach              1Ticket that it is OK to transfer even if the section/row details are different.

    For example, you can teach 1Ticket that "Main Floor 1" in your POS is the same as "MF-1" on the primary.

5) After you've made your selections click the green button to initiate the transfer.

The video below walks through the steps outlined above.