E-Ticket refers to a delivery method in which the buyer received PDFs that need to be printed out and scanned at the venue for entry to an event. 1Ticket can automatically deliver PDFs to a marketplace or exchange if the marketplace requests E-Ticket delivery and the PDFs are attached to the listing (pre-sale) or invoice (post-sale) in Skybox.

To list tickets for E-Ticket Delivery:

Fields to Update in Skybox:

Stock: E-Tickets

PDFs and Barcodes: Attached (if available)

Hide Seat Numbers: No (if possible)

-Some marketplaces require seat numbers in order to list E-Tickets as "Instant Download"

In-Hand Date: Set to date PDFs will be available for download 

-Set to in-hand if PDFs are attached

Screenshot of Tickets listed for Instant E-Ticket Delivery (PDFs Attached):

Screenshot of Tickets listed for E-Ticket Delivery (not in hand):

Note: By default, 1Ticket will respect your seat number exposure settings set in Skybox. We do have the ability to ignore your settings in order to allow tickets to list for instant download on specific marketplaces like StubHub or TM+ that require inventory locations to be verified for Instant Download. Email us or give us a call to discuss these settings.