1Ticket uses a combination of StubHub's automated mapping logic and 1Ticket's mapping team to get your listings mapped to the proper events on StubHub's site. You also have the ability to proactively map your listings to StubHub using the 1Ticket StubHub Health Report:

  1. Navigate to 1Ticket.com/stubhub

  2. Search for the event you would like to map or click on the "Event Not Mapped" button to display only the listings that StubHub could not map automatically using the Event Info provided in your Point-of-Sale

  3. Select "Map Event" or "Re-Map event"

  4. Search StubHub's event catalog for the correct event and click "Map Event"

1Ticket will use the mapping you have specified to automatically reattempt listing creation for all your existing and future listings for that particular event. 

If the event dates are different from one another (your POS vs. StubHub), StubHub may not return the proper event when searched. In these cases you can navigate to the event page on StubHub, copy the event URL, and paste it into the search field in order to map your listings to the proper event. 

We recommend using 1Ticket's proactive mapping to ensure your listings are properly mapped to events that StubHub has historically had issues with including:

  • Events with multiple showings at the same venue on the same day

  • Playoff events

  • Multi-day or multi-session events

  • Events with TBD dates/times in the POS