1Ticket has powerful automatic transfer support. We can deliver your sales via transfer for all major primary marketplaces. You can update your Transfer Settings in the Automatic Ticket Transfers section of the Settings tab of your 1Ticket account.

Reserved Seats - Allow 1Ticket to make a Best Guess?:

  1. Yes make a best guess as to which seats to transfer if no exact match is found (Recommended)

    • 1Ticket will automatically match listings with Sections like FLR and Floor

  2. No - only transfer seats if an exact section/row/seat match is found

    • 1Ticket will not transfer tickets that are listed as Mezz C in your POS and Mezzanine Center in your TicketMaster account, for example

General Admission

  1. Only use exact matching rules for GA

    • Listings with placeholder or generic seat numbers will not transfer. Your POS must exactly match the section/row/seats is in the primary.

  2. Let 1Ticket transfer the first GA seats it finds for the event 

    • 1Ticket will transfer the first GA tickets found in your purchasing accounts for the specified event

  3. Use the first GA seats found for the event but ONLY from the original purchasing account

    • 1TIcket will transfer the first seats found in the purchasing account matching the email address in the internal notes of the TICKETS* in your POS.  

*If you create listings in your POS manually, be sure to include the email address of the purchasing account in the internal notes field of the TICKETS (not the invoice) in your POS. 1Ticket adds this information automatically if you use our AutoPO service.