Occasionally you might need to set custom rules when broadcasting. Our custom rules editor allows you to set flexible, custom rules. For example:

  • Mark all tickets for an event up or down a flat dollar amount to a specific marketplace
  • Mark all tickets for an event up or down a percentage to a specific marketplace
  • Change the event or venue name being broadcast to a specific marketplace
  • The rules above can also be applied to all marketplaces rather than a specific marketplace

The custom rules editor can be found at https://1ticket.com/bulk/rules/. You can also get to the rules editor by clicking the "Custom Broadcast Rules" link on the Sync page at https://1ticket.com/bulk/:

Step 1:

Locate the event(s) you'd like to create custom rules for. You can search by the name of the event or, if you click "Advanced Search", you can search by event name, venue name, and the event date.

After you've performed a search click the checkbox on the events you would like to create a rule for. Then click the blue "Build Rule" button.

Step 2

Build your custom rule.

  • "Rule Name": This is a name you can give to the rule. This is helpful when you have many different rules to keep track of.
  • "Expiration": When should we stop applying this rule? Perhaps you want to raise the price of your listings until five days before the event. Setting an expiration date will accomplish this.
  • "Marketplace": What marketplace should we apply this rule to?
  • "Adjustment": This is where you would set a price adjust. You can adjust the price as either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the list price.
  • "Apply Order": Should we apply any price change BEFORE other rules you might have in place, AFTER other rules, or INSTEAD OF other rules?
  • "Event Name": What should we broadcast as the event name?
  • "Venue Name": What should we broadcast as the venue name?

Please note: you do not have to set all the values. For example you can change the event name without setting a price adjustment, or set a price adjustment without changing the event or venue name.

In the screenshot below we are changing the event name that is being broadcast to TM+. This is being done to make sure the listings map properly on Ticketmaster's resale website.

Step 3

Click the blue button to save your rule. Depending on the type of rule and frequency of broadcasts it may take up to 15 minutes for the rule change to be reflected on the marketplace.

Editing and deleting a rule

To edit a custom broadcast rule please search for your event, the same as you would do when creating a new rule. When you find the event with a rule that you would like to modify click "View Rule". You can edit the rule as needed before clicking the blue button to save it.

You can delete a rule by clicking the red "Delete Rule" button.

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