Customize Spreadsheet Export Columns

  1. Login to your 1Ticket account and navigate to the Settings page (

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a "Spreadsheet Exports" section.

  3. Select the dropdown to view which data/column that you would like pulled. If you want to add more than 1 column, you can simply select "add column".

Filtering & Exporting 1Ticket Purchases

  1. Navigate to the Purchases page (

  2. To search or include an expired/passed event purchase, you can check off the box for "Include expired events in search (from past 7 days)".
    • 1Ticket has temporarily stopped deleting purchases for events 7 days after the original event date passes

  3. Select "Advanced Search Options" .

  4. The dropdown next to "Refund Eligible", you can choose to add a filter to search for "Eligible For Refund" as a status. There are three options available:

    * "Not Eligible For Refund / Unknown": Either Ticketmaster has not marked the purchase as eligible for refund or 1Ticket has not yet crawled the purchase since refund information was made available.

    * "Eligible For Refund": Ticketmaster has flagged the purchase as being eligible for refund. This does NOT mean the purchase is immediately refundable; there may be a delay or block that prevents refunds from being granted in the near term.

    * "Eligible For Refund With Refund Button": Ticketmaster has made the Refund Button/Link available for the purchase.

  5. Now you can do a general search by clicking "Search Purchases" which will report purchases that fit your search criteria.

  6. Once the purchases are populated, your current view/list of the purchases will be ready to be exported. You can simply click the "spreadsheet" hyperlink or "CSV".