1Ticket can download available ticket information along with PDFs and Barcodes from supported Season Ticket Marketplaces. In order for 1Ticket to be able to download your tickets, they need to be available for download in the account. For example, if a ticket is displayed in your account but the barcodes have not been made available or the tickets cannot be added to your devices "wallet", then 1Ticket will not be able to download them until the necessary information is provided or enabled in the Season Ticket Account. 

Best practices for Downloading Season Tickets:

  • Pay off any outstanding balances owed to the Rightsholder
    • Tickets may be restricted for download until the entire account is paid off and partial balances can result in only partial ticket availability
  • Ensure your account credentials are accurate in 1Ticket 
  • Ensure tickets are loaded into your account and available to be downloaded (able to be added to device wallet i.e. Apple Wallet) before submitting a season ticket job (instructions for creating a job below) 
  • Log out of your Season Ticket Account before submitting the season ticket job in 1Ticket and do not attempt to log in to the account while the season ticket job is running

To Create a Season Ticket Job to download your tickets:

  1. Add or update your Season Ticket Account Credentials in the Logins Tab if you have not already done so
  2. Navigate to the Seasons Tab
  3. Select your desired Season Ticket Account Type from the Select a season ticket account dropdown menu
  4. Locate the account you would like to download from and select Create Job
  5. Specify your desired settings (descriptions below) and select Add Single Job to Queue
    •  Download tickets regardless of whether or not they were previously printed
      • When selected, 1Ticket will attempt to download all tickets in the season ticket account regardless of whether they have been downloaded (added to device wallet or PDFs downloaded) previously.
        Note: Some season ticket accounts will reissue barcodes each time tickets are downloaded, be careful not to invalidate your tickets if you have already listed or delivered them. 
    •  Yes! - Attach PDFs/barcodes to existing POS listings
      • When selected, 1Ticket will attempt to locate tickets with matching locations in your Point-of-Sale (POS) for those tickets downloaded from your season accounts. Downloaded barcodes and/or PDFs will attempt to be attached to the listings in your POS for all matches found. 
      • Tickets downloaded will be displayed alongside all other downloaded tickets on the Purchases Tab
      • Downloaded season tickets that cannot be automatically mapped to listings in your POS can be manually mapped to allow barcodes and PDFs to be automatically attached. Automatic mapping can fail for a variety of reasons related to discrepancies between the inventory downloaded from Season accounts and what is listed in your POS such as - Section, Row, Seat, Venue, Date and Time, and other mismatches. 

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