Part of 1Ticket's service is to monitor your Ticketmaster accounts for purchases. This process involves logging into your Ticketmaster accounts. Our service strives to find a balance between regularly monitoring the status of your purchases and accessing your accounts as infrequently as possible. Monitoring purchases in your TicketMaster account allows 1Ticket to provide you with valuable information including rotating barcode status, PDFs, delivery delay dates and much more. 

Sometimes Ticketmaster will send an email to the account holder when it detects a new login to the account. It is possible that these alerts can be triggered by 1Ticket accessing the account. We provide a log of 1Ticket access attempts in your accounts at You can cross-check any alerts you receive with the records in that report.

Here are some of the reasons 1Ticket will access your accounts:

Searching For New Purchases

1Ticket will periodically go into accounts to check for purchases that it does not yet know about. How often this occurs depends on the frequency that you purchase tickets on the account being monitored. Accounts that are purchased on frequently are monitored more often. Accounts that you rarely purchase on are crawled less often.

When you click "Check Now" for any/all logins on our service will go into your account(s) to look for any new purchases.

Download PDFs/Screenshots/Barcodes

1Ticket maintains a list of all purchases that it still needs to collect PDFs, screenshots, and barcodes for. By keeping track of Ticketmaster delivery delays 1Ticket will know that PDFs won't be made available until 48 hours prior to the event, for example.

These checks to grab PDFs/Screenshots/Barcodes are done automatically.

Getting Updates On Purchases

1Ticket will automatically access your accounts to check the receipts of purchases it has already seen. It does this to gather updated information - check for cancellations, refund status, event postponements, etc.

When you click "Check Canceled" at our service will go into your account(s) to check the selected purchases for any updates.