1Ticket offers the option of disabling most of the automatic crawling of your Ticketmaster.com accounts. To enable (or disable) this feature please reach out to support@1ticket.com.

When this feature is activated most automatically triggered crawls of your Ticketmaster accounts will be stopped.

In general this will prevent 1Ticket from performing the following automatic functions:

  • Re-crawling an account if a manually triggered crawl fails for any reason

  • Crawling an account when the password is updated in 1Ticket

  • Checking for cancelled purchases

  • Downloading receipts, PDFs, and barcodes when a new purchase is made

  • Crawling accounts to check for new purchases

You have the option of manually triggering a crawl by click "Check Now" on any Ticketmaster login on 1ticket.com/logins. Manually triggering a crawl will tell 1Ticket to check for any new purchases made on the account. During a manually triggered crawl 1Ticket will NOT look for cancellations, refund, status, etc for most purchases.

If a third party has access to your 1Ticket account or your Ticketmaster accounts (such as a consignment service), they may also manually trigger crawling as needed to facilitate automatic transfers.

Please note that, even with this feature enabled, some automatic crawls may still trigger. While the total number of automatic crawling will be reduced by +90% it is still possible that some crawling may occur.