1Ticket retries fulfillment of all sales according to this schedule:

  • Multiple times during the first 60 minutes after invoicing the tickets

  • Every four hours after the in hand date has passed

  • Every four hours if the event is in the next seven days

  • Every four hours if the invoice is marked as being in hand

  • Every 60 minutes (or less) if the event is within 24 hours

  • Every 24 hours for everything that doesn't fall into one of the buckets above

When 1Ticket attempts to fulfill a sale it does a few things:

  1. Checks the status of the sale with the marketplace to make sure it has not already been filled

  2. Checks the invoice in your POS to make sure PDFs/barcodes are attached (if the sale requires them for fulfillment)

  3. Checks the invoice in your POS for any changes to section/row/seats (if the sale is transfer delivery)

The schedule above is dependent on any delivery delays you have in place. For example if you have asked 1Ticket to delay PDF fulfillment to Vivid seats until three days prior to the event 1Ticket would not take any of the steps above until that delay window is reached.