Never be caught without a clean email address again. 1Ticket's Pony Express service provides instant, unlimited email addresses. Once Pony Express is enabled you'll always have access to new email addresses with zero lead time and zero effort.

We will set you up with a unique domain (or domains), complete with an email inbox that will receive all emails sent to your addresses. Email addresses at your domain do not need to be "created" manually, they already exist. Any combination of letters and/or numbers can be used at any time, and all emails sent to an address at your domain will be automatically forwarded to the inbox we create for you as well as 1Ticket. 

For TicketMaster purchases - you can give 1Ticket a master password that you plan to use for all TM accounts created for addresses at your custom domain, which will allow us to pull all purchases made on TM with no manual intervention/advance preparation required.

Cost: $50/ month includes up to 2 domains 

+ $15/ month for each additional domain 

Email with the number of domains you would like and we will begin setting up your domains today. 

For security reasons, you are not able to choose your domain from a list of options.