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Ticketmaster Ticket Transfers Using Only Barcodes


1Ticket now supports Ticketmaster's new "Transfer By Barcode" (TBB) service. The TBB service allows 1Ticket to transfer your Ticketmaster tickets using ONLY the barcodes stored in your POS. 

If you are selling NFL, NHL, or any other Ticketmaster season ticket inventory TBB is required to successfully transfer your tickets. 

How to Enable Transfer By Barcode via TM/1 

To use this service you will need to link 1Ticket to your TM/1 (Tradedesk) account, which you can do here.

Transfers performed via TM/1 should generally be much more successful on the first attempt. There may be an additional charge from Ticketmaster on transfers executed via TM/1 or Tradedesk.

1Ticket can transfer via TM/1 AFTER first attempting to transfer via If you'd like us to only use TM/1 as a last resort please reach out to