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In March 2020 1Ticket announced a waiver of our standard fees through the end of June 2020. While we are encouraged by the recent demand seen for the NFL and future concerts the simple fact is that ticket sales are still 98% lower than they would normally be at this time of year. Now is not the right time for 1Ticket to resume our normal rates. 

Rather than resuming our normal rates we will be temporarily switching to per-transaction charges with no base rates. Beginning July 1st 2020 our rates will be: 

  • $1.99 / sale invoiced
  • $1.99 / ticket group downloaded
  •, Ticketfly, Evenue, etc.
  • $0.99 per Ticketmaster refund processed
  • Standard transfer charges
  • $0.25 / seat for Ticketmaster
  • $0.50 / seat for Flash, MLB,, SeatGeek

If you do zero sales and purchases you will pay us nothing. Three (3) sales would cost $5.97, ten (10) sales would be $19.90, etc. These minimal fees allow us to continue offering our exceptional services uninterrupted.

What Happens If My Volume Increases In July? 

If you receive more than 80 sales in a month your account will automatically update to to our standard rates for Sale Processing. If you make more than 105 purchases in a month your account will automatically update to to our standard rates for Purchase Downloading. You can view our standard rates in your 1Ticket account. 

Why Are We Charging? Why Can't 1Ticket Stay Free?

1Ticket's goal is to continue to provide our services uninterrupted. Unfortunately this costs a significant amount of money each month - servers, developers, broker support, etc. These per-transaction charges allow us to maintain the reliable services you've come to expect while also ensuring that no brokers are paying for more than they use.


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