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StubHub Canadian Events - Payment Change

StubHub has changed the way they handle pricing and payments for Canadian listings. 1Ticket has been updated to account for these changes 

How Does This Change Affect You?

For information on how StubHub's change affects you we recommend reaching out to your StubHub rep. We have seen different announcements made to different sellers, likely based on their size and StubHub seller status. If you do not have a StubHub rep you can view StubHub's FAQ on the changes here.

What Can You Do?

If you would like to block certain inventory from being broadcast to StubHub you can use an internal note to block those specific listings using the following instructions: Block Inventory from a Marketplace.

If you would like to block all Canadian listings from StubHub we can do that - email 

If you would like to add a markup to specific listings in your broadcast to StubHub you can do so using the following instructions: Adjust Individual Mark-Up or Mark-Down Values.

How Will 1Ticket Invoice My Canadian Sales? 

You have three options for invoicing your Canadian sales: 

  1. Invoice as USD using the CAD value StubHub provides. If StubHub is paying you $100 CAD 1Ticket would create the invoice for $100 USD. This is the default method 1Ticket has been using for years. You don't need to do anything if you are happy with this.
  2. Invoice as CAD. If StubHub is paying your $100 CAD 1Ticket would create the invoice for $100 CAD. Please note that POSNext does not support this feature.
  3. Invoice as USD and convert to USD. If StubHub is paying you $100 CAD 1Ticket would convert that to $75.23 USD and create the invoice for $75.23 USD.

If you'd like 1Ticket to change how we invoice your Canadian StubHub sales please email

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