As of this writing (Mary 2023) TickPick, Vivid, and Ticketnetwork support "Account Surrender" as a delivery method on a pre-approved basis. This means that if you attempt to sell tickets as account surrender delivery and you are not pre approved you may be on the hook for fees, penalties, and other negative consequences.

When you sell account surrender tickets you will be expected to provide the username and password to log into the account where the tickets are held. Account surrender sales must be filled manually at this time. You should be given instructions on how to fulfill these sales when the marketplace approves you for listing account surrender tickets.

To list tickets as account surrender please add "account surrender" to the INTERNAL ticket group note of the listing. 1Ticket will see this note and adjust the listing so that the marketplace receives it as account surrender delivery.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SELL ACCOUNT SURRENDER TICKETS unless you have explicit permission from the marketplace. 1Ticket is not responsible if you list account surrender tickets without approval.

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