We understand that there are some accounts that you don't want to pay 1Ticket a monthly fee to pull in your purchase data but that you do still need to use for automatic transfers.

Flipping an account to "transfer only" does the following:

  • You won't be charged a fee for any new purchases picked up on the account

  • You will not be able to use AutoPO/QuickPO for the account

  • 1Ticket won't put barcodes and/or PDFs in your POS for tickets purchased on the account

  • You will not be notified of any disclosures or purchase cancellations for the account

1Ticket will still be able to transfer tickets from the account to fulfill your sales.

How do I mark an account as "transfer only"?

At 1Ticket.com/logins locate the account you'd like to make "transfer only" and click "Edit". You will see an option labeled "Transfer Only". Change this to "Yes" and then click the blue "Update" button.

If you would prefer to have ALL of your accounts marked as "transfer only" please email support@1ticket.com. We will be able to put a flag on your account to automatically mark everything as "transfer only". This will apply to both your current accounts and any future accounts you add.