There are two ways for marketplaces to integrate with 1Ticket: Order Integration and Instant Notifications.

What is "Order Integration"?

The Order Integration (aka "OI") system is a two-way conversation between the marketplaces and 1Ticket. This is the current gold standard for marketplace integrations.

When an OI marketplace wants to sell your tickets it first asks 1Ticket if the tickets are still available. If the tickets are no longer available there is no sale. If the tickets are available 1Ticket holds them in your POS and tells the marketplace they can buy the tickets. At this point the sale may be considered to be "confirmed" by the marketplace, assuming their buyer passes fraud review.

After completing their fraud review with the buyer the marketplace tells 1Ticket to either release the hold (if the buyer failed fraud review) or to invoice the tickets. If the marketplace chooses to invoice the tickets the sale is automatically confirmed - there is no additional step needed to confirm the sale.

With this method, there should be no way for a double sale to occur. Occasionally an outage at the marketplace can allow an invalid sale to slip through, although in those cases 1Ticket can always get the sale waived.

Marketplaces using the Order Integration system:

  1. Gametime

  2. Ticket Evolution

  3. Ticketnetwork Mercury

  4. TickPick

What is "Instant Notification" integration?

The Instant Notification system (aka "ION") is the original platform marketplaces built to notify third-party services like 1Ticket of new sales.

Whenever an ION marketplace sells your tickets a notification is immediately sent to 1Ticket. 1Ticket then invoices out the appropriate tickets in your POS and confirms the sale with the marketplace. If the tickets are not available the sale would not be confirmed. You would then be able to manually reject the sale or let the sale auto-reject.

Marketplaces using the Instant Notification system:

  • AXS
  • FanXchange
  • SeatGeek
  • Ticketmaster
  • Ticketnetwork (non-Mercury)
  • StubHub
  • Vivid Seats

Some marketplaces on the Instant Notification system may also ask 1Ticket to hold tickets. Unlike with OI, these holds are non-binding; if you were to remove the hold it would not result in a penalty to you (except in the case of

  • StubHub
  • Vivid Seats

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