1Ticket can automatically reset the passwords on your Ticketmaster accounts when needed. When enabled this feature will detect when account has an incorrect password or has a forced reset from Ticketmaster. A secure, random password will be applied to the account.

When a password is reset an email will be sent to notify you of the change. The new password can be viewed in our new interface at ims.1ticket.com/accounts. You can control who can view passwords at 1ticket.com/users.

IMPORTANT: For automatic password resets to work you must auto-forward 1Ticket your "reset" emails from Ticketmaster. Our default forwarding filter has been updated to handle this: https://1ticket.com/help/forwarding.

IMPORTANT: 1Ticket is unable to reset passwords for Ticketmaster accounts that exist in more than one 1Ticket account. If a Ticketmaster account exists in multiple 1Ticket accounts you will see an alert in the details of the account at 1Ticket.com/logins:

There are two ways to enable Automatic Ticketmaster Password Resets:

Enable automatic password resets for all Ticketmaster accounts:

Browse to 1Ticket.com/settings and locate the settings labeled "Automatic Password Resets". This allows you to turn password resets on for all of your Ticketmaster accounts. You will see two options:

  • "Off": 1Ticket will not enable password resets for all of your accounts. You can still enable resets on individual accounts as needed (see below for details).

  • "On": 1Ticket will enable password resets for all of your accounts. You can still disable resets on individual accounts as needed (see below for details).

Enable/Disable automatic password resets on individual Ticketmaster accounts:

Browse to 1ticket.com/logins and locate the account you would like enable password resets for. Click "Edit".

Look for the option labeled "Auto-Reset Password?". You will have three options:

  • "Use the settings found on /settings": This will use your settings that apply to all accounts.

  • "No - Never reset the password": 1Ticket will never reset the password for the account, regardless of your global settings.

  • "Yes - Allow 1Ticket to reset the password as needed, regardless of your global settings.

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