To crawl SeatGeek buying accounts 1Ticket can use a SeatGeek API token. Each SeatGeek buying account has its own API token.

The API token can be downloaded directly from the SeatGeek account, although to do so the SeatGeek account must be in "API mode". You can put your SeatGeek account in API mode by using the links below. Please note that you must enable "API mode" for each team in the account:

We only need one API token for each SeatGeek account. For example, if you have a SeatGeek account with both Cowboys and Cardinals tickets you will need to enable "API mode" for both teams. However you will only need to provide us with a single API token.

Once your account is in API mode you can grab the token:

  1. After logging into your SeatGeek account click "Manage Account":

  2. On the account management page click "Generate Token":

  3. Select "1Ticket" from the list of processing companies:

  4. Copy the token and input at