Occasionally a client will want to send inventory both to their own marketplace account(s) and DTI's account(s). This article outlines how to set this up.

How to Enable:

  • Add the credentials to 1ticket.com/credentials.
    • Be sure to override any fake credentials that may have been entered for OPU.
  • Go to 1Ticket.com/sync.
  • Select "** Build Exports".
  • Check the "Force" button and click "Build export" for the needed marketplace.
    • If the broker specified a markup apply it here.
    • Leave all other fields as the default.
  • Open the broadcast you just created.
  • Add the include code "mystub", "mytmplus", "mygeek", etc - whatever is appropriate for your marketplace.
  • Save the broadcast.
  • Open the OPU broadcast for the same marketplace.
  • Add the include code you just created as an ignore code - "mystub", "mytmplus", etc.
  • Enable the broadcast to your marketplace.

What this does:

Let's assume you are setting up StubHub and used the code "mystub".

Anything with "mystub" in the notes/tags will be sent to the seller's StubHub account. Anything with "mystub" in the notes/tags will be excluded from DTI's StubHub account.

Send to the Client:

Reply to the client with this:

To list tickets on your own [marketplace name] account please apply the code "[the code you created]" to the internal ticket groups notes or as a tag. Any inventory with that note/tag will be blocked from DTI's [marketplace name] account and only sent to your [marketplace name] account.