The AutoPO Safeguard makes sure that 1Ticket only creates POs for your Ticketmaster purchases when it has gathered as much information as possible.

How does 1Ticket get Ticketmaster purchase data?

1Ticket gathers data about your Ticketmaster purchases in a few different ways:

  1. By reading your Ticketmaster email receipts

  2. By downloading data directly from Ticketmaster (either by logging into your account or through other official methods, like Tradedesk)

1Ticket is able to read your Ticketmaster email receipts very fast - often in less than 60 seconds after you buy the tickets. The downside of the email receipts is that they may contain incomplete information. For example, they often don't contain disclosures or the quantity of seats for GA purchases.

Downloading your purchase data directly from Ticketmaster is slower but more accurate. We re able to grab accurate cost, quantity, disclosure, and other information.

How does the Safeguard play into this?

The Safeguard feature has three levels. They are:

1. Off

When the Safeguard is off 1Ticket will AutoPO as soon as it has received any data about your purchase. Most often this means that the data has come from the email receipt, which may be less accurate.

2. On, but do NOT require rotating barcode status be known

This level makes sure that 1Ticket knows everything there is to know about your purchase. The only exception is the rotating barcode status. Even if the rotating barcode status isn't know this level will still let AutoPO execute.

3. On, and require that rotating barcode status be known

This level makes sure that 1Ticket knows everything about the purchase including whether or not Ticketmaster has flagged it to possibly have rotating barcodes. The rotating barcode check takes more time, and could delay PO creation by at least a few minutes or more.

What Safeguard level should you use?

1Ticket's official recommendation is that you go with level #2. Along with this Safeguard level you should also have 1Ticket PO all mobile stock tickets as transfer - never QR screenshot.

If you absolutely must use QR screenshots you can still use level #2, but be advised that there may be cases where 1Ticket makes a PO as screenshot delivery even though the tickets may actually have rotating barcodes.

You can adjust your Safeguard and PO settings at

Can I Override the Safeguard?

Yes! If AutoPO isn't firing because we haven't been able to crawl Ticketmaster you can always click the QuickPO button in 1Ticket. That will push the tickets into your POS even though AutoPO wasn't ready to fire due to the Safeguard.