By default 1Ticket will AutoPO mobile stock tickets from Ticketmaster as mobile/screenshot delivery in your POS. On the settings page you can change this so that 1Ticket will AutoPO mobile delivery tickets as "transfer".

The method to make this change differs slightly for each POS.

First, go to "Integration Settings" click on the logo for your POS.

SkyBox, TicketUtils, Tradedesk POS

  1. Under "General" > "Stock for Mobile" choose "Mobile Transfer"

  2. Click "Save Changes"

Ticketnetwork POS11 and POSNext

  1. Under "Near Term Display" > "Mobile" choose "Always Show"

  2. Under "Ticketstock" > "Mobile" choose "Transfer"

  3. Under "Special Shipping Method" > "Mobile" choose "Mobile Transfer"

  4. Click "Save Changes"

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