If you see an "Incorrect username or password" error for your Vivid broadcasts at 1Ticket.com/sync it could mean one of two things:

Your Vivid credentials stored in 1Ticket are incorrect

1Ticket needs accurate credentials for your brokers.vividseats.com portal to broadcast your inventory to Vivid. If your Vivid portal username and/or password has changed you must provide 1Ticket with the new credentials. You can do this at 1Ticket.com/credentials > Vivid > Edit.

After your credentials have been updated it may take up to 30 minutes for you to see a successful broadcast.

Vivid has put a block on your account

Occasionally Vivid will put a "block" on an account. This block prevents 1Ticket from broadcasting inventory. Unfortunately Vivid does not tell us if there is a block - they just give us the same error as if your credentials were incorrect.

If your username and password are definitely correct and broadcasts are still failing it most likely means that your account has a block. A block is most commonly caused by having too many unconfirmed or unfilled sales. The only way to get a block removed is to reach out to your Vivid rep.

Please note: We strongly recommend contacting your Vivid rep directly. We've heard that the phone reps on the main Vivid support line often don't know what to look for to even see if a block exists.

Questions? No problem, 1Ticket Support can help.

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