To activate Instant Transfer please visit

What is "instant transfer"?
1Ticket looks at the inventory you are broadcasting and determines which listings will be able to be transferred as soon as they sell. This decision is based on the historical success rate of transfers across 1Ticket clients for the same event, along with other factors.

Inventory listed as instant transfer may receive special notation on the marketplaces. Instant transfer inventory may also be left up for sale longer than non-instant inventory. How long inventory is left up for sale is ultimately determined by the marketplaces, so you would need to reach out to your marketplace reps with any questions.

Generally, instant transfer inventory is expected to be delivered within a few minutes of the sale being received. Failure to deliver the tickets quickly could result in the sale being cancelled.

1Ticket always attempts to transfer tickets as soon as a sale comes through. If 1Ticket is unable to transfer tickets immediately the marketplace may reach out to you. While 1Ticket will try to send you an email if the transfer can't be completed this is not guaranteed. We recommend keeping a close eye on your sales.

How successful is 1Ticket with "instant transfer"?
The automatic transfer success rate for instant transfer inventory is more than 99%. This means that if a listing is marked as "instant transfer" there is a greater than 99% chance that 1Ticket will transfer the tickets automatically. This does assume, of course, that you have taken all the necessary steps to make your automatic transfers as successful as possible.

Why isn't [some listing] displaying as instant transfer?

There could be two reasons:

  1. 1Ticket is only able to mark a subset of inventory as being available for instant transfer. The instant transfer flag is reserved for inventory that 1Ticket knows has a very, very high likelihood of being able to be immediately transfered.

  2. The marketplace may not be displaying the inventory as instant transfer. Ultimately it is the marketplace's decision to mark inventory as instant transfer for not.

Why do I need to use TM/1 (Tradedesk) for instant transfer?

Using TM/1 for transfers gives 1Ticket the best chance to make sure transfers are successful. While we won't push all transfers through TM/1, having access to your TM/1 account for transfers gives us an additional tool in our belt. You can link 1Ticket to your TM/1 account here.