Some primary marketplaces are prone to errors. These marketplaces sometimes provide incorrect information after a transfer is performed.

A marketplace may say a transfer was successful even though it is not actually successful. In other cases, 1Ticket may not be able to determine whether or not a transfer was actually successful. To help address this, 1Ticket always double checks transfers after they are performed to make sure the tickets show as having been transferred to the proper recipient.

If, for some reason, 1Ticket is unable to definitively verify whether a transfer was a success or failure it will be marked as "Unknown Status". The vast majority of the time transfers with this status were actually successful.

In other cases a marketplace may indicate that a transfer has failed when it was actually successful. In these situations 1Ticket will only mark the transfer as successful if our double check shows that the tickets have been transferred to the intended recipient.

We are constantly refining our transfer methodology and the way that our automation handles gray areas when primary marketplaces don't work as expected.