Occasionally StubHub will map listings to the wrong event. If these tickets sell before the incorrect mapping is caught you will receive a sale for an event that you may not have tickets for. StubHub should release you from these sales.

If you receive a sale for tickets mapped to the wrong event please take the following steps. This is the process that StubHub has requested for situations like this:

  1. Log into your StubHub Inventory Manager at https://inv.stubhub.com/.

  2. Click on "Sales".

  3. Locate the sale that was mapped incorrectly.

  4. Click the magnifying glass on the sale.

  5. Click the "Report Event Issue" button on the modal that pops up.

  6. Fill in the details of the mapping issue.

  7. Upload a screenshot from your POS showing the correct details. In most cases this would be a screenshot of the invoice.

  8. Submit the request