1Ticket Managed Delivery has many of the benefits of transfer with none of the downsides of screenshots.

1Ticket Managed Delivery is a trackable delivery method that provides the original ticket from the primary to your buyer. There is no transfer, no screenshots, no barcode streaming, no account surrender, and no other shady workarounds.

1Ticket Managed Delivery works just fine with rotating barcodes, NFC tickets, and non transferable events.

1Ticket Managed Delivery works by providing the original ticket from the primary to the buyer in a format that they can add directly to Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Here is a short video showing the buyer’s experience of opening a 1Ticket Managed Delivery Ticket on an Android phone:

Once added to the wallet on their phone, the ticket is easily accessible even if there is no internet access at the venue.

To activate 1Ticket Managed Delivery in your account please reach out to support@1ticket.com.