What is the Ticket Evolution Sales Booster Program?

The TEVO Sales Booster program is a strategic discount program for sellers to help move incremental tickets without flooding the market with discounted inventory. Discounted prices are provided to TEVO's private, closed-loop affiliate network. Other marketplaces - StubHub, Vivid, etc - only see your normal list price.

For sports, Sales Booster is ideal for preseason, early season, and bad match up games.  For concerts, it is perfect for shows that are soft and/or where you have large positions.

How Do I Use Sales Booster?

To participate in Sales Booster all you need to do is add a note to individual listings you wish to discount. Please put the note in the internal notes in your POS. 1Ticket will handle the rest when listing the tickets with Ticket Evolution.

The note to use is "tesb##" (without quotes), where ## is the percent you would like to discount the tickets. For example, "tesb25" would discount the tickets 25%. "tesb10.5" would discount the tickets 10.5%.

If the list price in your POS is $100 and you have the note "tesb10.5", your tickets would be listed at $89.50 on Ticket Evolution's closed partner network. StubHub, Vivid, Ticket Evolution B2B, etc will only see the $100 list price.