1Ticket clients can now "rent" a phone number to link with their AXS accounts. This phone number will allow 1Ticket to crawl AXS accounts and directly receive the 2FA codes.  To set up automation, follow these simple steps.

How to Rent a Phone Number

Go to the Accounts (ims.1Ticket.com/accounts) page in the new 1Ticket interface and select the account.
Next, click on the phone icon above to Register a new phone number.

Check the box saying "I want to rent a phone number"

Once you click on the "Register your phone" button, you are all set!

NOTE: If you already have a phone number tied to your AXS account, you will need to manually update the phone number in AXS to the number you have rented in the above step.

How to View SMS Codes Sent to Rented Numbers

When you need to log into your AXS account, you can come back to the Accounts page and select the AXS account.
Then click on the option that says "Check on history of tokens received"

You should now see a history of all texts sent from AXS to that number.

How to View All Phone Numbers for a Given 1Ticket Account

You can navigate to the Phones page to see all phone numbers you have associated with your AXS accounts. If you'd like to view all the SMS messages sent to every phone number you've rented, navigate to the Text Codes Page:

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