As of 2/1/2024, Tradedesk will be changing their API system, requiring a password reset be run through 1Ticket's systems. It's essential to note that in order to complete this process, you must have access to the email inbox associated with the Tradedesk user to be linked to 1Ticket.  

To complete this password reset:
  1. Login to 1Ticket legacy


  2. Go to the Credentialspage


    Find your Tradedesk account(s) (**This process must be done for each TD account)


    Click Edit on the Tradedesk account


    Click Request Password Reset button


  3. In a different tab go to the email associated with the Tradedesk account
  4. Copy the Password Reset code sent to your email from Tradedesk
  5. Paste the confirmation code where it says Reset Code
  • Enter in your new password where it says New Password. The password must have a minimum of 8 characters and include at least:
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character (!,@,#, $, %, ^, &, +, =)

          Click submit and you should see a confirmation that your password has been updated


** Note: You can further confirm your password has been updated by clicking Close in the top right hand corner of the Credentials for Tradedesk window and then clicking Edit again. When the window opens back up the Request Password Reset button will be gone.

If you do not receive a password reset email after clicking that button at

  1. Doublecheck that the email associated with your Tradedesk account is present in 1Ticket, if the username field in the Tradedesk entry is empty, you'll need to update with that email address in the username field and then request the password reset again.
  2. Now check your email inbox, making certain to check spam folders etc to ensure the password reset email wasn't caught in a filter. 
  3. If you still do not see that password reset email coming into your inbox, the next step would be logging into the Tradedesk account itself and checking that user is associated with the email address in 1Ticket on the Tradedesk side as well. 
  4. If that email address is present in 1Ticket and associated with the relevant Tradedesk user, there is most likely an issue on Ticketmaster's side and we would recommend reaching out to their support team for assistance, telling them the user you're not receiving a password reset email for and requesting assistance with that issue. 

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