1. Access the users AXS broadcast file by logging into their account in Local and viewing the broadcast history

  2. Open the AXS broadcast and sort the file by “EventDate”

  3. In another tab open https://1ticket.com/purchases/ and search for the event, make sure to click the right date
  4. Find the tickets that you need to map and click the green circle with an arrow inside it to map the barcodes to tickets in the POS

  5. You can try to “automap” but manually map is probably gonna need to be done anyways so just select that off the bat

  6.  After you click “Manually Map” the system will prefill the search criteria, these are good you can review but generally you can just click “Search POS”

  7. After you click “Search POS” the results will show up under, review all the fields to make sure they are accurate before you click “Map Listing”