At you can manually build a 1TMD transfer by clicking the Add Transfer button at the top of the screen:
In this screen, you'll need to input the name and email address you want to transfer the tickets to, select a marketplace and give an order number, for a transfer without a corresponding sale, you'll just use the Manual Transfer option in Marketplace and "12345" is a sufficient order number. Then you'll use the searchbar to search for the ticket you want to transfer, select them with the checkboxes on the left and then at the bottom of the screen you'll see a blue "Delivery via 1Ticket Managed Delivery" button you'll click to fire off the transfers.

Once the transfer has run (should only take a minute or two) you'll see that transfer populate in the main screen of that Transfers page:

Click the "i" icon to open the transfer details and the wallet link you've generated will be in the Proof column, it will begin with "downloadmyseats" that's the wallet link URL you'll provide in the seller portal to fulfill the relevant sale.

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