Utilize the powerful 1Ticket Purchase Downloader to request refunds for eligible TicketMaster purchases with the click of a button.

Quick Setup Instructions:

  1. Add your TicketMaster account(s) to the Logins Tab 
  2. Search for your Refund Eligible Purchases 
  3. Request Refunds with the click of a button (detailed instructions below)

What can be refunded?
Refund requests are at the PURCHASE level, not the ticket group level. For multi-part purchases (with more than one group of tickets on the order) ALL tickets in the purchase will be refunded. 1Ticket displays all tickets included in each purchase before you request a refund, so that you know exactly which tickets will be included in the refund request.

How to request a refund:
  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab  
  2. Search for a particular purchase or Search for your Refund Eligible TicketMaster Purchases
  3. Click the blue Refund button (see screenshot below for location of button)
  4. Review the inventory you are submitting a request for 
    • Be careful not to request a refund for inventory you have already sold, are currently broadcasting, or plan to list and sell in the future
  5. Click Submit Refund Request
  6. After about 5 minutes TM will respond to the request. You can click the blue Refund button again to view the updated status.

What can happen after a refund request is submitted?
There are three possible outcomes of a refund request:
  1. Success - 1Ticket successfully clicked the "Refund" button on the receipt in the Ticketmaster account
  2. Not Refundable - Ticketmaster indicated that the purchase is not currently refundable. 1Ticket will NOT automatically retry these.
  3. Failure - If TicketMaster does not respond with either of the status' above for any reason, 1Ticket will automatically re-submit a refund request periodically until a valid response is received.

Successful refunds
After a refund request has been submitted and we've received a SUCCESS back from Ticketmaster 1Ticket will monitor the purchase in your Ticketmaster account until it sees that Ticketmaster has marked it as cancelled. The purchase in 1Ticket will then update to display TM's updated order status of Cancelled. You can use the Advanced Search Options to filter and view your cancelled purchases.

According to TM's current policies, if a purchase is flagged as canceled, it can be assumed that you will be receiving a refund for that purchase. We have seen cases where Ticketmaster is delaying refunds on cancelled events by 30 days or more to allow you the option of requesting an account credit rather than a refund.

Bulk refund requests for cancelled events

In cases where Ticketmaster has cancelled an event and is holding refunds for a period of time - 30 days, etc - you may want to request a refund on all of your purchases for the event. To assist with this we offer a bulk "Refund All" button on cancelled events. Clicking this will allow you to request a refund on all of your purchases for the event.

You can filter down to only your cancelled events using our advanced search options. We are regularly updating our list of cancelled events, so your may see new events returned each day.

What can not be refunded automatically?

This is not an exhaustive list, but we have determined that the following purchases cannot be refunded automatically:

  • Purchases with tickets listed for sale on TM+ or Ticketmaster barcode integrated marketplaces
    • Unbroadcast your inventory and wait ~10 minutes for Ticketmaster to unlock the barcodes in their system.
  • Purchases containing tickets that have been transferred or sold on TM+

We recommend you request refunds for purchases matching the criteria above, or any that cannot be automatically processed by 1Ticket, directly from the purchase in your TM account using the TicketMaster Live Chat

What if you do not want 1Ticket to retry a Failed refund request?
After receiving a Failure response for a Refund Request, simply click the "Refund" button again and then click "turn off auto-retry".

Helpful links:

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