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TicketMaster Password Updates

TicketMaster has been requiring users to reset and update their passwords more frequently in recent weeks. We understand the timing of these required updates has been less than ideal and wanted to make sure you know all of your options to keep your credentials updated and accurate in 1Ticket.  

For 1Ticket to download purchase information, create purchase orders, transfer tickets and perform other time-saving functions we need accurate TM account credentials on file. You can view a list of your Ticketmaster accounts with incorrect credentials here.

To protect you and your accounts, when 1Ticket receives an invalid credentials or account locked error from TM, we will not attempt to download tickets from that account until you perform one of the actions below. 

How Do I Update My Ticketmaster Account Credentials? 

  • Update the password of a TicketMaster account in the Logins Tab of your 1Ticket account.
  • Plug into our powerful APIs to automatically update your credentials
  • Generate a token and view our documentation in the 1TIcket APIs section of the Settings Tab of your account
  • Securely email a .csv or spreadsheet of your updated TM credentials
  • Include Username in Column A and the updated Password in Column B

Once your credentials have been updated and are accurate, 1Ticket will be able to pull all purchases made since the last successful download.

Questions? No problem, 1Ticket Support can help.

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