If your listing is not showing on AXS Resale please check the listing requirements below. Without BOTH requirements on a listing it will not be able to be listed for sale on AXS Resale. Please keep in mind if you are using 1Ticket to AutoPO your AXS purchases all of this will happen automatically. If you are manually adding in AXS tickets you may need to add these associations manually. 

TicketGroups that have seats in different accounts will not be eligible for AXS resale. You must split the tickets if you want them listed on AXS resale. 

Listing Requirements

  • Username & Password for AXS account stored in 1Ticket & AXS account is ALP Enabled

  • Email address of AXS account tickets are in (shown as "InternalEmail" in export file)

  • Barcodes on each ticket (shown as "AXSTicketIDs" in export file)

How to add "Email" to a listing?

You can add the AXS email to a listing by putting the AXS account email in the internal notes of your listing. You may notice some listings have alpe:axs_account@email.com in the notes, we accept both. 

  • "axs_account@email.com"
  • "alpe:axs_account@email.com"

How to add "Barcodes" to a listing?

Barcodes can be added to listings in two ways, either location the AXS purchase from your purchases page and mapping it to a listing in your PoS or getting the barcode from the Inventory Database in IMS and saving it directly in your PoS. 

Getting barcodes from Inventory Database

  1. Go to https://ims.1ticket.com/inventory-databaseand use the filters to find your inventory
  2. Make sure you have "Primary ID" column enabled. You can check this from the "Columns" menu on the right side. AXS uses Primary ID, we fill this into the barcode as well but you should only reference the "Primary ID" field for AXS
    1. We recommend changing "Account Type" to AXS and editing the "Event Date" to match the date of your event
  3. Once you find your inventory you need, copy the "Primary ID" value into your PoS.

Mapping AXS purchase to PoS Listing Instructions

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